BBC Baby Watch

We’ve seen from the jubilee and royal wedding that the BBC often finds it difficult to behave like a serious broadcaster when the royals are involved. That’s why we’re going to keep a close eye on them after the arrival of the royal baby – and we need your help.

The way the media covers the arrival of the royal baby is important. Of course we don’t expect them to ignore the event, but the coverage should be proportionate, balanced and respectful of the new parents’ privacy. The BBC also has a duty to all of us – regardless of our views on the monarchy – to offer serious, intelligent and unbiased analysis. They need to be reporting, not celebrating.

As our national broadcaster, the BBC has a particular responsibility here. Will it take that seriously or will it subject viewers to endless trivial chatter and intrusive detail?

We want your examples of the most cringeworthy, tasteless and sycophantic royal baby-related programming across the BBC. If you spot something you want to share with us, just fill out the form below – and once you’ve done so, why not complain directly to the BBC?

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