We should all be #bornEqual

The arrival of a new baby is always a cause for celebration.

It’s also an opportunity to reflect on what the future might hold. What kind of world will he or she inherit? What opportunities will be open to him or her?

In the case of a royal baby these are questions not just for the new parents but for the whole country.

Here is a new baby whose career, religion, even personal relationships, have already been mapped out. Meanwhile the British people are told in 2013 who their head of state will be in 2063 and beyond. No debate, no discussion. Certainly no vote.

The arrival of a new prince highlights the unfairness of the hereditary principle – for the millions of children told they’ll never be good enough and for the baby whose life has been predetermined.

The absurd media speculation ignores these serious questions while showing us the kind of intrusion he can expect for the rest of his life.

These days most of us would agree that everyone is born equal. Yet the monarchy tells us the opposite: it tells us that a prince is more important, more valuable, then every other child.

All children should all be able to aspire for the top job and make their own path in life. That’s what #bornEqual is all about. If you agree, please show your support.