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Will you ask your candidates to support the Republic Manifesto?

Republic has just launched it's new 'Ask your candidate' email form, that allows you to send an email to all your local General Election candidates.

Greens and Plaid are right: monarchy must go.

Republican campaigners have welcomed comments made by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood in which she repeated her support for an end to the monarchy.  The comments follow similar statements

Low wages at palace a 'failure of leadership' from the Queen

Campaigners have accused the Queen of a failure of leadership and showing contempt for her staff, following news that palace workers are balloting on whether to go on strike.


23 April 2015

Following on from our last successful meeting, we are meeting again at the Pheonix Centre.

25 April 2015

Republic in Yorkshire will be in Hull for the first time in 2015.

2 May 2015

Republic in Yorkshire are once again at the Leeds TUC May Day March.

Monarchy Myth Buster

It's good for tourism

This claim is untrue and irrelevant. Even VisitBritain, our national tourist agency, can't find...

It has no power – it's just for decoration

The Queen certainly does have power, including the power to sign international treaties and depl...

It unites the country

You only have to look around to realise that Britain is no more unified than many republics – in...

It doesn't cost much – it's great value for money

Our opposition to the monarchy isn't about money, it's about principles. If the monarchy cost no...

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