With the arrival of a new royal baby it is time to ask

shouldn’t every child be #bornEqual?

The birth of any child is always a happy occasion, that’s why we want to challenge the media hype around the royal baby.

We want to encourage the media and the public to think about the very serious questions a royal birth raises about Britain and our political system.

And we want to speak for the millions of people in Britain whose voices are being drowned out by the disproportionate, superficial and intrusive coverage of the royal birth.

We all need to ask ourselves:

  • shouldn’t every child be born equal? Equal in political status and political rights? How can that be when one child is born above all others, destined for high office not because of merit or popular choice but because of their parents?
  • Doesn’t this royal child have the same rights as the rest of us? The right to choose their own lifestyle, career, religion and beliefs? Is it right that before this child is born the media, politicians and the royal family are determining the baby’s entire future?
  • Is this an intelligent way to decide our future head of state? Isn’t it time we chose our highest representatives by merit and popular choice, not by birthright and parentage?

Things you can do

Tell the world that we should all be #bornEqual by:

tweeting your support
wearing a #bornEqual t-shirt
asking the BBC to cover the issue seriously and fairly
making a donation
writing to your MP